Dream of Coventina · The moon ascends, a mirror floating in the sky, The moon and sea were born together floating wide, See if we can fly while ancient ships are flying by, And I’ll dream of Coventina to ask why…. Read more>>>


Saw the World · I saw the world through your eyes end songs, And words from you can mean a lot, With all this I’ll fly along, And its all I ever wanted in a song. Oh show me tonight the way back home… Read more>>>


Sweet little Lie · Sweet little lie you told me, I thought I could dream of you, I had the strangest of feelings I thought this dream could come true. Sweet little lie, Blink of an eye, you were there touching … Read more>>>


Wake Up Julie · If you could have more time to spend, Would you be my girl until the end, Wake up Julie, wake up Julie girl. The sun will shine in brighter someday, You shine in and dry all my tears away… Read more>>>


If I Knew Out of the Blue · I’ll wait for you, so when will you fly in, Like a song I made somehow, Notes they flew above the fiery air, And played for you I’m not sure how… Read more>>>


Close Behind · I’ve fallen in to a storm cloud, chained a melody to something new, I’ve been struggling, standing still or running with the key, the key to you, Don’t look away now, I am here standing … Read more>>>


Chase Aurora ·  Tonight’s moon has in the past, Shone upon the searching sages, Visions arise by wintertime, Cassia flowers in the snow, At home with autumn yearning, Cast on the waves by and by…. Read more>>


KissProof ·  So sorry baby about my malady, Seems I just got caught up, lost in your harmony, You know I wish they’d teach you baby how to deal with you in school, Stead of singing to commandments… Read more>>>


Golden Orioles ·  Wake again my aching heart, ring the curtain down to make a little start, How can I explain to you, we found the shattered world and made it through. We’ll go there soon, golden orioles… Read more>>>


Hypnagogia · Strange little sunrise, Burning bridges down below, In line with the moonlight, Dreams encased beneath the snow. In love with you tonight, Take my hand ill keep you near…. Read more>>>