So sorry baby about my malady
Seems I just got caught up, lost in your harmony
You know I wish they’d teach you baby how to deal with you in school
Stead of singing to commandments, dancing to every rule

They asked if I found Jesus, I said if you have, ask him yourself
They say I might one day need him for the sake of my good health
But you know I had a strange dream, met a poet who was dead
I can’t recall his face but I remember what he said.

He said the weather is here, I wish you were beautiful
When I asked for his name, He said they call me delusional
Oh then he started preaching, standing up upon his rock
Some folk they started flocking and he talked his funny talk

He said ‘Blessed are the rock stars, the sinners and the whores
get out across the wasteland and live beneath your sword
Make love to seven virgins if the weathers fine
But y’all come back to confess and throw me a dime

We were strolling on the water, greener pastures promised me
but first we take a little detour round by old Gethsemane
He said ‘some people call me crazy but its fools who use my words
twisting truth for their own gain and preaching the absurd. Hey!

Oh Judas, kiss me quick,
I’ve got an appointment with a tree,
Gotta get some nails down at the hardware
And hang out with my thieves,
But keep this party going,
I’ll be back in just three days,

The kids will really dig me cause I’m the latest craze
Lord be praised
Lord be praised
Jesus saves
Lord be praised’.